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Purchase Prison Laundry Bags from Armor Manufacturing

We specialize in creating completely customized laundry bags in large quantities for prison systems, jails and institutions. If you need to order a large amount of laundry bags, we can offer you a quantity discount for your purchase.

Keep all your gear organized

No matter what type of recreational activity you are involved in, you can stay organized with the help of our custom-made mesh bags. There are absolutely no limitations to what we can create for you, so call to order today!


Are you an avid crab fisherman? Order our pot fishery bait bags to place bait inside crab traps. Your bait will stay intact in our durable mesh bags!

American-made mesh bags

• Prison laundry bags

• New Product packaging

• Pot fishery bait bags

• Pond filtration bags

• Waste removal bags

• Shopping bags

• Aquaculture bags

• Coastal cleanup bags

  • Agriculture

  • Sports Bags

  • Schools

  • institutions

  • Clubs

  • Hostpitals




We stand by our products.

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Get a quanity discount on your next mesh bag order; call us today!

Mesh bags Mesh bags Mesh bag Closure options

Closure Options

Mesh styles

Customized mesh bags wth features like:

  • Zipper                                                          

  • ID Tags

  • Rubber closure                                            

  • Draw Cord                                                    

  • Size

  • Hook & Loop, Velcro                                    

  • Color

  • Buckles                                                        

  • Carry Straps